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This site offers a unique peek inside a mad world! Follow Pete as he travels the planet and learns valuable life lessons about pubs, liquor, and what the world of gambling entails. His notes provide experienced crawlers with news, insights, and betting tips, and newcomers can get a taste of the culture.

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Pub crawling (or bar hopping) refers to the act of drinking in several pubs or bars over the course of a single night. Crawling can happen within structured, sanctioned events (often for charity), or as a random activity for nights out with friends. Pub crawling brings adventure, fun, and a little bit of insanity. No person wakes up from a night of crawling without a story or two to tell. If they can remember them.

More than just booze-addled fun however, pub crawling has become a viable culture, rich in locale, drink, and people. Best Casino Games and gambling add to the fun, and so we cover that here, as well. Learn from Pete’s mistakes and successes in betting with colorful characters from all over the world. While pub crawling may be the theme here, Pete‘s insights into gambling run across the board, and will apply in any betting situation such as sports betting and more!

Enjoy your ride through the strange and wild mind of one of the world’s most devoted pub crawlers.