Writing in a Fight


Etiquette matters a lot in a pubProper etiquette at pub crawler fest. It’s easy for things to turn unpleasant with so many alcohol-fueled personalities bumping into one another like billiard balls.

As I write this, a fight rages on at the other end of the pub. Laughter has turned to boos, and smiles have twisted into frowns. One jerk can ruin the night for many people.

Check out Vegas Red 100% secure online casino fast payoutsAt an early age, my Paraguayan second-cousin instilled in me a tremendous sense of respect and courtesy. They have served me well in my years of pub crawling; I have never been in a fight in a pub.

Liquor loosens lips, and spirits strengthen spirit. People become comfortable sharing their opinions and beliefs, and debates are sure to ensue. Freedom of speech gets us very far, but the inability to keep emotions in check pulls us right back down to vicious animals.

Rule: do not kill the buzzes of others. Respect and courtesy make a good night for all.