What Running from an Argentinian Ninja Taught Me about Gambling


How to handle gambling money - yesheisatthegames.comGambling must be handled cautiously. A haphazard approach to betting will either suck money out of your wallet faster than a street-walker on speed, or it will get your ass kicked. Some common sense is required. I’ve adhered to a few rules over the past decade, and they keep my gambling in check:

Check out Amsterdams casino Big prizes and new games| Signup and get €10 free and €555 bonus1. Never cheat.
2. Gambling money is money reserved for fun; never put the child’s tuition on black. Arrive with a strict limit and do not exceed it. Ever.

La Boca is a neighborhood in Buenos Aires

3. Math and statistics beat your hunches every time.
4. You will lose sometimes. Get over it.
5. Don’t ever run out on a debt. The honorable man pays up every time.

I once had to flee La Boca for dipping out on a debt to a martial arts expert. I’d put far more money than I could afford on a hand that I felt certain would go my way. It didn’t, and now I am no longer allowed in…