What Players Think Of the Jurassic Park Slot Game

Jurassic Park Slot Game

Jurassic Park Slot game screenshotThe Jurassic Park slot by Microgaming platform is an interesting game with good features and does justice to the theme of dinosaurs and the movie franchise.

The basic features

It is a five-reel game and offers 243 different ways to win. The symbols have been taken from the Jurassic Park movie and it is not all dinosaurs. Even human characters make an appearance in it. Expect to see the palaeontologist and scientists as well as the creator of the Jurassic Park along with the familiar Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dilophosaurus and other big ones.

The scatter symbols are the famous or rather infamous preserved mosquitoes in the Jurassic Park. Two or more mosquitoes give players free spins or payout. There are no prizes for guessing the wild symbol in this game. Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex or rather its skeleton is what will get players many more free spins. Players can choose from a number of free spin options such as 12 free spins along with wide reels, multiplier wilds or winning wilds.

Bonus features

Golden Riviera Casino-Get up to AU$1400 FREE-PLAY NOW!It is no surprise that Jurassic Park Slot comes with extra and exciting features. There are many bonus offers related to wilds. T-Rex feature gives good chances to increase the wins as just in a few wild reels, a player can increase the stake up to 800 times. The maximum a player can go is to win 6000 times the stake amount.

T-Rex appearances are also rewarded with increased chances of winning as each sighting adds extra wilds. As many as 35 symbols are added to the reel every time T-Rex decides to grace the gamers with its appearance.

It is designed to give the players a truly authentic experience of the Jurassic Park. During the games, it can appear as though players are on a virtual tour across the park.

On another note, the game isn’t as fast as most gamers would like it to be. The spins are slow and bonus rounds become active only after 25 spins or more. Overall, Jurassic Park slot offers good entertainment.