The Fundamentals of Billiards, and Dread Locks


Billiards-is a game of lines, angles, and geometry.Casino Midas R33,333 welcome bonus - click hereOne should be wary when betting billiards. A game of lines, angles, and geometry, billiards always challenged my wobbly brain. Matches can flip in a single turn, as each player gets one opportunity after the other to hit a streak and clinch victory.

I avoid billiards mostly, but was persuaded last week by a Jamaican with dread locks to join him for a quick game. I learned much from the man, who turned out to be some sort of 8-Ball Zen Master. Now they will fear me at the next pub:

Learn what one should be wary when betting billiards1. Pre-Shot Ritual – Visualize the shot, take a steady stance, and adjust your grip.
2. Bridge – Form a V-shape with the thumb and forefinger, and then use the rest of the hand for stability.
3. Stroke – Speed, point of contact, and the angle of the cue decide everything. You must be firm with some, and gentle with others.

The man with dread locks explained that these are fundamentals only, but they count for everything.
I am now considering dread locks.