Pub-Crawling/Shuffling Zombies


Start spinning with a €3000 bonus at Casino Tropez - play nowGet to know the zombie craze in pub crawlingThe zombie craze of the past decade infiltrated pub crawling in 2005. In several cities across America, zombie-themed pub crawls have become a norm, and participants shuffle from pub to pub in torn clothing and drenched in fake blood.

I stumbled upon one of these crawls in Minneapolis one October and instantly went into a panic attack. The only thing more terrifying than a swarm of brain-hungry zombies is a mass of drunken, liquor-thirsty ones.

Zombies make for great drinking buddies. Their slurs and moans are most welcome in a pub, and I didn’t have to feel awkward about my ragamuffin wardrobe of Acapulco shirts and sandals.

Some of these walks benefit charities, which is odd to me, as I have always considered zombies to be a destructive force. There is good in us all, I suppose, and even in the dead. Zombie walks have appeared in Providence, New Orleans, Chicago, Reno, and Houston.