Pete the Pub Crawler


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In late 2011, we met a man who’d been traveling the world pub crawling for more than twenty years. After a night of fun together, he pulled a ledger-sized notebook from an old, worn briefcase and put it in our hands. He bid us farewell, and we have not seen or heard from him since. He called himself Pete the Pub Crawler.More about Pete the Pub Crawler at

The notebook was Pete ’s travel diary. Inside was valuable information on gambling, pub crawling, and the culture surrounding pubs, dating back to the late 1980’s. Though Pete was quite the odd one, and probably insane, his writing was lucid and clear. Even we, experienced crawlers in our own right, had much to learn from him.

We quickly realized that such writing should be shared with other curious souls who might benefit from Pete’s wisdom, and that has been our effort since. Pete provides one of the clearest (though weirdest) descriptions of the pub crawling experience. Pub crawling is our passion, and no person can share that better than Pete.