Microgaming Announces Jurassic Park Slot Machine

Jurassic park slots

Microgaming has announced a new licensing deal with Universal Pictures that will allow it to develop a new Jurassic Park slots machine.

Jurassic Park

Check out roxy palace casino bonus and game offersJurassic Park is a science fiction novel by Michael Crichton published in 1990. In 1993, Universal Studios launched a Jurassic Park film directed by Steven Spielberg. The sci-fi adventure epic was an instant classic, and it inspired sequels, video games, comic books and a wide range of other merchandise. In fact, a new film, Jurassic World, is slated to premiere in 2015, which was the impetus behind the new licensing deal.

Big Movie Licenses

Slot machine This new slots machined by Microgaming will not be the first Jurassic Park slot game, but it is clear that Universal Pictures wants something big and bold to go alongside the new movie. Microgaming has a great track record doing this sort of thing, including the incredibly popular Dark Knight Rises game. Jurassic Park Online Slots will launch in 2015, in time for the movie, and as with DKR, it will launch simultaneously online and in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Jurassic Park Online Slots

The full details of the new slot machine are not available yet, but in the press release announcing the game, Microgaming indicated that it would use its popular 243-way format. That is the same format DKR, Tomb Raider and most of its high-profile machines use, and it means that the game will have 243 ways to win rather than traditional pay lines. Those additional ways to win come at the cost of a wager multiplier, which means that the minimum bet is likely to be 30 cents.