Keeping “The Keno Appeal Steady”


Play keno and win cash prizes For gamblers interested in making real money, keno has been a hot favourite for decades. However, with the rising popularity of video based casino games available on the internet and mobile applications, a slow game like keno is slowly losing its popularity. To get interested people to play keno in a casino, some operators are starting up special keno lounges for their regular players.

To give equal consideration to smokers and non-smokers, these casinos have separate lounges for both groups to play keno in a relaxed manner and enjoy the experience. Keno tickets can be bought anywhere even a gas station though you would need to check the winning numbers either at a local bar or restaurant.

Managing volatility and keeping peace

 Golden Riviera online casino $|€|£1400 free on Tarzan - play nowWhile playing keno in a casino, one has to be seated comfortably with small desk to keep keno pay books, hot or cold beverage and a pen. Sometimes, casinos allow food coupons when one play keno or other slot games, which is a win-win situation for both the casino and players.

To reduce boredom or retain interest of players during the game and keep them in the keno lounge, install large wide screen televisions for players to watch sports with scores moving at the bottom.

Offering instructions and tournaments for keno players

If a casino wants to attract new players into their keno lounge, then a sensible step forward would be to hold keno classes with an instructor who can take these players through simple steps to understand the game. They can even teach newbie players the tips and tricks of the game through online keno videos. Since keno is a game of pure chance and luck attracting multiple players to the game can only be done by arranging tournaments. The game requires low bets of $2 – $3 to play, and players can monitor the game’s progress from anywhere in the casino.