Easy Card Games for the Family

Card Games

Have you decided to stay home from the casino for family night? If so, here are a few simple card games you can play with the kids.

You gather two or four people so that the cards are divided evenly. After the entire deck is dealt, the players take turns putting their top cards on the playing surface. Just before doing so, each player must call out a card, without peeking at what the card is.

Checkout Guts welcome package plus free spins - play nowIf the card the player turns over matches the card he called out, he is out of the game. A player is not allowed to repeat the card that the player before him called out. Nor can a player continue repeating the same card time and again. The player who runs out of cards first wins.

Sloto cash casino $7777 welcome bonus - play nowThis can be played with two players or more. The entire deck is dealt among the players. The players then, at the same time, turn their top cards over in front of them. Any time two or more players turn over cards that match, the first player to holler “snap!” gets to keep all of the cards that have been played. The winning player is the one who has won all of the cards.

Old Maid
This game is also for two or more.

Before dealing, take out all of the queens. After the cards are dealt, each player takes all the pairs from his hand and puts them face down in a pile. Any player who is dealt three of a kind can still only remove two of these, and must keep the third card.

Play moves to the left, with the player to the dealer’s left taking one of the dealer’s cards, but he is not allowed to look at the card before taking it. The player tries to make a pair with his cards and then offers his hand to the player on his left. Play continues in this manner until only one card is left. The player holding that card is the “old maid.”

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