Greg Merson’s World Series of Poker Defeat


Greg Merson’s defeat at the World Series of Poker last month has experts lamenting the sorry odds of seeing a champion repeat in the WSOP tournament

Greg Merson’s defeat at the World Series of Poker last month has experts lamenting the sorry odds of seeing a champion repeat in the WSOP tournament. Merson, last year’s tournament champion, bowed out after placing 162nd in a field of close to 6500 poker players.

According to players who were around forty years ago, the old game had less than ten entrants, and repeating was not at all impossible. This year’s odd-makers believe a complete newbie is going to come out of nowhere to win the tournament.

€U Casino 200% up to 600 welcome bonus - click hereMerson did that very thing to win the WSOP last year, and if anything, he seemed philosophical about bowing out this year, citing the importance of the game over his career goals. He left the tournament after earning just over $42,000, not bad earnings, but how does that compare to winning over 8 million the year before? According to sources, Merson never went into poker to become famous.

Merson’s game is cash casino online poker. The first time he won money in the WSOP was in 2009 when he finished 670th from a field of 6500. He walked away with almost $22,000 in earnings. His tournament championship run last year and his win of the WSOP bracelet made him WSOP Player of the Year in 2012.

Playing in Luxury Surroundings


Professional gamblers count on locating the most prestigious and high-paying tournaments in order to keep their bank accounts healthy. This effort often involves a considerable amount of travel as they build their reputations and hone in their playing skills. Players at the professional level will surely be making plans to attend the Card Player Poker tour that calls Foxwoods home.

This is the third stop for this poker tour, and the Foxwoods Resort and Casino that is managed by MGM is a name that is familiar to professional players. Located in Mashantucket, Connecticut, this location has an excellent reputation for delivering outstanding game play that promises lucrative winnings.

While at the Foxwoods, players have the opportunity to participate in a 11-tournament series that starts things out with a $600, No-Limit Hold’em game. There is a $100,000 guarantee that comes to players who register. A similar $300 game will also be held for players of all kinds whose offerings total $75,000. Professional players are likely to be making their way to the tournament for a chance to make it into the main event. This No-Limit Hold’em game will have a prize pool of at least $300,000.

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The focus of the tour comes with a $1,650 price tag, making it ideal for serious players. Players with pockets that are not quite as deep will still find plenty of offerings suited for them at Foxwoods as well. There is a $10,000 guarantee that comes with the $250 Omaha, Hi-Lo 8. Professional players, spectators, and tourists will all find the Foxwood Resort to be a place that offers plenty. There is more than six-million square feet of space that is solely dedicated to the entertainment of guests.

This entertainment includes 350 table games, nearly 6,000 slot machines, and immense bingo halls. There are no shortages of accommodations for guests when it comes to large tournaments such as these either. There are 2,200 rooms that span over four different hotel towers. The complex is home to 30 different restaurants as well that are run by award-winning chefs. Visitors and professional players can both unwind at the local nightclubs and the championship golf course as the tournament continues.

Prominent Blackjack Player Arrested for Card Marking


Archie Karas Arrested

There was a time when Archie Karas won more than $40 million dollars on blackjack and other games during a three-year span that earned him accolades among table game players around the world. It appears that his luck has run out, though, and that doesn’t just refer to the quality of his cards. He was arrested this week after a California casino accused him of marking cards.

A turn for the worst

To understand Karas’s plight, one must first understand where his life took a turn. After winning roughly $40 million between 1992 and 1995, the gambler gave it all back in a series of bad bets over the next few years. That left the Greek blackjack player in serious financial distress, and what’s happened lately has been an extension of that.

Cheating for small stakes in California

The days of playing for $40 million are long gone for Karas, but some have been shocked by the small amount that he tried to win from a California casino. According to investigative reports, he won around $8,000 off of the Barona Casino before security cameras finally caught on to his tactics. He was marking cards and making bets with the knowledge of the cards to come. The casino didn’t catch Karas in the act, however, as he arrested later by authorities in Nevada.

The next step for Karas

After his arrest, Karas was extradited from Nevada back to San Diego, where he’s facing counts of burglary and other theft-related charges. Those are felonies in the state, and the penalties could be severe if he is found guilty. Karas is now 62 years old, and if he’s convicted on all of the charges, he could be sentences to two years in prison.

An uncertain future in gambling

No matter what happens in his criminal case, it looks like Karas will have a difficult time keeping up his gambling exploits in the near future. There are some reports that he’ll be put into the famous black book that’s maintained by Las Vegas casinos. If the Nevada Gaming Commission chooses to blacklist the former winner, he would be barred from entering casinos in Las Vegas and elsewhere in the state. This could make it very difficult for him to gamble in other parts of the country and the world, too, as many casinos share information with those in Las Vegas.