Want to Win Big? Here are 3 Open Progressive Jackpots


Few thing stir popular imagination in the world of online casinos as progressive jackpots. They grow in front of people’ eyes. With the passing of every single day that they remain unmatched, progressive jackpots manage to increase the curiosity of players. This leads to a certain runaway process that results into even quicker swelling of the jackpot amount.

progressive jackpot

If you are among the millions who like to give their luck a go with progressive jackpots, here are three of the largest open progressive jackpots for you. Who knows, with a stroke of luck, even you can crack one of these successfully!

Hall of Gods (€5.43 million)

Hall of Gods (mega) is operated by NetEnt. It happens to be an immensely popular slot game with 5 reels and 20 play lines. To hit the jackpot, a bonus game needs to be unlocked, played and won.

Hall of Gods can be accessed at Guts Casino, Mr Green and Betsafe.

Mega Fortune (€4.78 million)

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Mega Fortune (mega) is a jackpot that’s known to reward the triers with unbelievable loads of riches. Recently, in 2013, an online gambler from Finland won a whopping sum of nearly €18 million with Mega Fortune.

It is operated by NetEnt and available at Next Casino, Redbet and Guts Casino.

Jackpot Giant (£2.93 million)

Jackpot Giant is notoriously difficult jackpot to crack, but it’s certainly worth it, if you take a look at the accumulated prize money. This is a 5 reel and 50 pay lines slot that’s designed and syndicated by PlayTech. It is available at Ladbrokes, Bet365 and Mr Green.

Upcoming Online Gaming Tournaments For Beginners


There are more online gambling and gaming tournaments taking place on any given day than one could possibly keep a count of. But you surely don’t need to pay attention to every one of those. While there are some premier and somewhat exclusive online tournaments taking place every year, those are certainly not for the beginners. Beginners can and should start out slowly, first to gauge the waters and then swim deep. There are umpteen tournaments to get your started with your online gaming journey and some of the most reliable and enjoyable ones are listed below.

Betfair is one of the largest online gaming

First of the Month: Betfair

Betfair is one of the largest online gaming, gambling and betting platform in the world. With the kind of reputation they have got, it’s certainly easy to trust them with your money, especially when you are just getting started. On the first day of every month, Betfair conducts some entertaining tournaments that

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allow beginners and novices to experience the ambience of big-money tournaments at discounted entry fees. If you are newly registered member, you will have even better shot at getting in on these tournaments at a very small price.

These tournaments mainly include popular card and slots games.

Beginner’s Luck: William Hill

Just like Betfair, William Hill is one of the most recognizable brands in the world of online gaming. William Hill organizes poker, blackjack and roulette tournaments every Sunday, just for new registrants. Every new registrant who has deposited at least £50 in their William Hill wallet is eligible to get free entry into as many as five different tournaments every month.

Mega Gems Review


Maple Casino $/€500 plus 30spins on Huangdi - PLAY NOWWhen Betsoft Gaming Ltd, created Mega Gems, a futuristic 3D slot game, they never realized that its stunning visuals would become so popular. Its 10 line payout and 5 reels slot has visually attractive precious stones like diamonds, rubies, amethyst and yellow citrine spread over the complete reel. Players can either play wild or try their luck at progressive jackpots. Mega Gems provides several bonuses to players every month along with a chance to win free spins and jackpots to keep them entertained. The 3D slot game may appear to be a lot like StarBurst from Net Entertainment with the extra features giving it an edge.

Game features

betsoftgamingThe action at Mega Gems takes place in a futuristic arena with particles and LED lamps moving around in an elegant sequence. Players have to choose from the menu given at the bottom of the screen about the game they wish to play and coins they want to bet ranging from .02 to 1.00. If you wish to try out all the 10 lines, the minimum coin bet has to be for .02 each and then you have to decide about how may bets have to be placed on each line. After placing the bets. you will have to choose among three kinds of spins which can help you win the maximum amount. You can either spin manually or select max spin to set every bet to maximum amount before spinning again.

Bonuses and jackpots

Winners are rewarded with a great display of shooting stars as the winning amount flashes across the gems. All the symbols comprise of gem stones and there is a wild symbol which appears on only the second, third and fourth reels that offer players a free spin. If the player is able to get wild symbols in all the middle reels, then some serious money can be won. To earn the progressive jackpot, players have to get the Stacked Jackpot symbol on all the three middle reels.

Win Big Today with Your Own Net Casino


the age of the casino is slowly and inexorably being superseded with one from which gambling takes place from the home

As you probably already know, Net gambling technology is now trying to offer the same sort of charge you would get from a casino. As a matter of fact, the age of the casino is slowly and inexorably being superseded with one from which gambling takes place from the home. You’ll love the lengths to which you barely have to raise more than a finger!

The benefits of playing your favorite casino games on your PC are pretty obvious. You can select any game you want, when you want it, and can make yourself something to eat in between rounds. It’s certainly more preferable to waiting in line or interacting with other people when you’re not in the mood.

Europa Casino 500 free spins - play nowBecause they’re virtual, you’ll find that online casinos have access to a greater number of games and assorted amusements than the real thing. By cutting through all of these issues at once, you can enjoy a couple of hours of fun gaming. In a traditional casino you’re one of many trying to muscle in on the stakes, so why not simply avoid the crowds and make your bet really count?

In order to play, you will require an online connection to download the casino software. Don’t be discouraged if it’s all Greek to you as it’s quite easy and it is well worth the effort. Rather than cluttering up your desktop and becoming dependent on what might be a malfunctioning server connection, you can use the program whenever it’s convenient.

Providing you have a power socket and a flow of electricity, you can gamble away without any restrictions. If something malfunctions or you have a query, there’s a support team ready and waiting.

Virtual casinos are different but equally as gratifying as the real thing. They’re quick, simple and have few limitations. Log on to the website, make your sign-up payment and that’s it.

Where to play Online Casino Games?


online casinos can easily host more roulette tables, slot machines, dice throwing and other gambling opportunities than their real-life cousins

Most common casino games such as online blackjack, keno and online baccarat can be great fun, and playing internet versions is every bit as enjoyable. Your local casino can undoubtedly still offer an extraordinary experience but it no longer holds a monopoly on features like convenience and relaxation.

After an exhausting day at work, why not fix yourself a whiskey, relax and click online! The benefits of playing any sort of casino game on your PC are pretty appealing. Coming out on top and having a good time can be challenging if you’re confined by standard opening and closing hours, but from home you can set your own time limits without even the trouble of getting dressed up.

The days of aimlessly kicking your heels whilst you wait for your turn on the games or putting up with everyone else’s trash are over. Despite the amount of data being processed, online casinos can easily host more roulette tables, slot machines, dice throwing and other gambling opportunities than their real-life cousins.

Gaming club casino doouble deposit bonus up to $350 - Join nowYou’re meant to be having fun, so cut out all the excess garbage and get down to brass tacks. Part of the attraction of a physical i.e. offline casino is the ambiance, something that a PC can’t provide. Nonetheless, for those who find the “human factor” off putting, it’s nice to know that you have alternate options to explore.

Strictly speaking, it’s incorrect to use the description “internet casino” as you only really need to be online in order to download it. This can make less technically inclined users apprehensive, but the process is really quite simple.

For example, it allows you to access the program even when there’s a limited connection as well as avoiding slow-down if the connection is slow. All the games are extremely interactive but, of course, will be dependent upon the quality of your PC.

Casino Games


Established casino attractions such as the big six, blackjack and roulette can be great fun, and their internet cousins are just as enjoyable. This article will give a brief run-down on why this is a worthy, and profitable, trend to follow. You’ll really love the ease and convenience together with the variety and fun!

Internet casino games are enjoyable

Playing internet casino games can be much more gratifying when done in the comfort of your own home. You can play which ever game you want, when you want it, and can make yourself food and drink in between rounds. The days of aimlessly kicking your heels whilst you wait for a slot to open or putting up with everyone else’s trash are over.

Despite the large amounts of data being processed, online casinos can easily host more roulette tables, card games, dice throwing and other gambling opportunities than their real-life counterparts.

They don’t have to worry about personnel problems, proper handling of space and aesthetics, or having to sit around waiting for the proper equipment. In a normal casino you’re one of many trying to win big, so why not simply evade the crowds and let your investment really count? In order to play, you will require a download.

GoWild Casino $£€1000 Welcome package - PLAY NOWDon’t be disheartened if this doesn’t make much sense to you as it’s quite easy and it is well worth the effort. Instead of cluttering up your desktop and becoming dependent on what might be an awkward server connection, you can use the program whenever you like. Your hard drive will run the games rather than being dependent upon the speed of your internet connection.

In case of a snag, the casino will have a tech section available to help fix the problem rather than making you run around between your computer, your internet provider, and the website’s support staff.

Virtual casinos are different but equally as gratifying as the real thing. They’re designed to be accessible to even the most inexperienced of computer users. Initialize with the download, pay your deposit, load your favorite games and get the fun rolling.

What Players Think Of the Jurassic Park Slot Game

Jurassic Park Slot Game

Jurassic Park Slot game screenshotThe Jurassic Park slot by Microgaming platform is an interesting game with good features and does justice to the theme of dinosaurs and the movie franchise.

The basic features

It is a five-reel game and offers 243 different ways to win. The symbols have been taken from the Jurassic Park movie and it is not all dinosaurs. Even human characters make an appearance in it. Expect to see the palaeontologist and scientists as well as the creator of the Jurassic Park along with the familiar Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dilophosaurus and other big ones.

The scatter symbols are the famous or rather infamous preserved mosquitoes in the Jurassic Park. Two or more mosquitoes give players free spins or payout. There are no prizes for guessing the wild symbol in this game. Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex or rather its skeleton is what will get players many more free spins. Players can choose from a number of free spin options such as 12 free spins along with wide reels, multiplier wilds or winning wilds.

Bonus features

Golden Riviera Casino-Get up to AU$1400 FREE-PLAY NOW!It is no surprise that Jurassic Park Slot comes with extra and exciting features. There are many bonus offers related to wilds. T-Rex feature gives good chances to increase the wins as just in a few wild reels, a player can increase the stake up to 800 times. The maximum a player can go is to win 6000 times the stake amount.

T-Rex appearances are also rewarded with increased chances of winning as each sighting adds extra wilds. As many as 35 symbols are added to the reel every time T-Rex decides to grace the gamers with its appearance.

It is designed to give the players a truly authentic experience of the Jurassic Park. During the games, it can appear as though players are on a virtual tour across the park.

On another note, the game isn’t as fast as most gamers would like it to be. The spins are slow and bonus rounds become active only after 25 spins or more. Overall, Jurassic Park slot offers good entertainment.

Microgaming Announces Jurassic Park Slot Machine

Jurassic park slots

Microgaming has announced a new licensing deal with Universal Pictures that will allow it to develop a new Jurassic Park slots machine.

Jurassic Park

Check out roxy palace casino bonus and game offersJurassic Park is a science fiction novel by Michael Crichton published in 1990. In 1993, Universal Studios launched a Jurassic Park film directed by Steven Spielberg. The sci-fi adventure epic was an instant classic, and it inspired sequels, video games, comic books and a wide range of other merchandise. In fact, a new film, Jurassic World, is slated to premiere in 2015, which was the impetus behind the new licensing deal.

Big Movie Licenses

Slot machine This new slots machined by Microgaming will not be the first Jurassic Park slot game, but it is clear that Universal Pictures wants something big and bold to go alongside the new movie. Microgaming has a great track record doing this sort of thing, including the incredibly popular Dark Knight Rises game. Jurassic Park Online Slots will launch in 2015, in time for the movie, and as with DKR, it will launch simultaneously online and in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Jurassic Park Online Slots

The full details of the new slot machine are not available yet, but in the press release announcing the game, Microgaming indicated that it would use its popular 243-way format. That is the same format DKR, Tomb Raider and most of its high-profile machines use, and it means that the game will have 243 ways to win rather than traditional pay lines. Those additional ways to win come at the cost of a wager multiplier, which means that the minimum bet is likely to be 30 cents.

A Supercasino Is Expected In Manchester


Supercasino in Manchester

Casinos throughout the United Kingdom are broken into classifications – A, B, C and D. Each of these represent how much can be paid out and what the maximum bets going into them can be. Additionally, casinos in the UK are limited by how many of each class slot machine they can have at any time. This is why a supercasino is thought to be one of the best things.

Within a supercasino, there would be more class A, B, C and D slot machines. There has yet to be one of these slot machines in the UK, but recent talk has led to the desire to have one. There were several locations that came up as top contenders including:

– Blackpool

– Millennium

– Manchester

The top two cities were considered the front runners to be given access to Britain’s first mega casino with a lot of slot machines, but the Casino Advisory Panel determined that Manchester was the right location. They proved they could handle the tourism it would bring and showed that they were in need of the money that the casino would bring as well.

Manchester is not yet the official home for the casino. The recommendation has been passed on to the lawmakers, which includes Cultural Secretary Tessa Jowell. They will decide if Manchester is indeed the right home for the supercasino.

In the event that the supercasino opens, there will be over 1,000 slot machines as well as an array of other gambling opportunities. There are smaller casinos throughout the country already, though these are greatly limited to 150 slot machines because of the current laws in place.

If Manchester were allowed to have 1250 slot machines, it would bring a significant amount of tourism to the area – especially when there will be unlimited table gaming at the property as well.

Manchester is only about 200 miles out from London. This means that the supercasino could bring in a lot of international tourism as well.

The UK has needed to increase its tourism for a while. London has all of the tourism it can handle with being the home of the last Summer Olympics and being the capital city. Manchester needs something other than a soccer stadium to attract tourists and a supercasino would indeed do the trick. It is estimated that legislation will make the final decision before the end of the year.