A Supercasino Is Expected In Manchester


Supercasino in Manchester

Casinos throughout the United Kingdom are broken into classifications – A, B, C and D. Each of these represent how much can be paid out and what the maximum bets going into them can be. Additionally, casinos in the UK are limited by how many of each class slot machine they can have at any time. This is why a supercasino is thought to be one of the best things.

Within a supercasino, there would be more class A, B, C and D slot machines. There has yet to be one of these slot machines in the UK, but recent talk has led to the desire to have one. There were several locations that came up as top contenders including:

– Blackpool

– Millennium

– Manchester

The top two cities were considered the front runners to be given access to Britain’s first mega casino with a lot of slot machines, but the Casino Advisory Panel determined that Manchester was the right location. They proved they could handle the tourism it would bring and showed that they were in need of the money that the casino would bring as well.

Manchester is not yet the official home for the casino. The recommendation has been passed on to the lawmakers, which includes Cultural Secretary Tessa Jowell. They will decide if Manchester is indeed the right home for the supercasino.

In the event that the supercasino opens, there will be over 1,000 slot machines as well as an array of other gambling opportunities. There are smaller casinos throughout the country already, though these are greatly limited to 150 slot machines because of the current laws in place.

If Manchester were allowed to have 1250 slot machines, it would bring a significant amount of tourism to the area – especially when there will be unlimited table gaming at the property as well.

Manchester is only about 200 miles out from London. This means that the supercasino could bring in a lot of international tourism as well.

The UK has needed to increase its tourism for a while. London has all of the tourism it can handle with being the home of the last Summer Olympics and being the capital city. Manchester needs something other than a soccer stadium to attract tourists and a supercasino would indeed do the trick. It is estimated that legislation will make the final decision before the end of the year.