A History of Craps


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Every game has a beginning. Craps is no different. The game of craps has been around since at least the Roman Empire. It is believed that the soldiers of the Roman army had a creative use for pig bones. They supposedly took the knuckle bones of slaughtered pigs and turned them into dice.

They would then toss the dice onto their shields. They played this game in camp between bouts of conquering and slaughtering. It is believed this practice eventually spread across Europe.

There is another theory about how craps got started. Some people believe the game of craps comes from another game played long ago. A game called hazards was played in the Middle Ages by crusading knights.

The game of craps has been around since at least the Roman Empire

The knights were under the leadership of Sir William of Tyre. The knights were camped around a castle laying siege. Bored, Sir William of Tyre created the popular dice game to pass the time.

Regardless of the the origins of the game, it became extremely popular during the Middle Ages. Eventually, the French discovered the game and adopted it into their social circles. They changed the name of the game to craps. The game spread around the world. In the 20th century, a man named John H. Winn formalized the rules of the game. His rules made the game much more enticing to gamblers.

It also allowed for a standard to be used throughout casinos. Today, the internet has allowed craps to be played anytime of the day. Anyone with a little cash and an internet connection can pass an afternoon playing this historic game.

What will the future bring to the game of craps? You may be the one to find out!

Chinese Man Wins Lottery but Remains Anonymous

wins lottery

Scratch the card and see if you won in lotteryThe greatest thing about winning the lottery is getting all of that money. However, there are downsides to being a lottery winner. Many people hate having to deal with the attention surrounding them. They do not like the cameras, interviews and complete strangers poking into their life.

A Chinese man who recently won the lottery discovered a great way to remain anonymous. Since he had to go pick up his winnings from the lottery office, he knew that people would spot him. Cameras are never far behind a lottery office after the winner is announced. This man went inside the lottery office in a bear costume.

Get $777 free at Planet 7 Casino - Click hereYes, that is right; he dressed up as a giant bear to go get his $85 million check. This is not an unusual custom in China. A lot of people find ways to remain anonymous and still get the money. Compared to the United States, where only five states allow you to stay legally anonymous, this is great for Chinese citizens.

They have a chance to win the lottery and continue to live a normal life should they get all that money. There were reports a few months ago of a Chinese man wearing a Mickey Mouse costume when he went to go get his check. Others have dressed up as pandas or other animals. These full costumes ensure that a person’s height, weight, and physical features are completely unrecognizable to onlookers.

Despite wearing his bear costume, this month’s winner did say a few words to the media. Refusing to take off his costume, he said that he was delighted to have won. He said that he does not buy the lottery tickets regularly, but he had a feeling this week that it would be a lucky time. The winner of this lottery edition will pay around $17 million in tax to the Chinese government before taking home the rest of his winnings. For more information on this story, click here.

Keeping “The Keno Appeal Steady”


Play keno and win cash prizes For gamblers interested in making real money, keno has been a hot favourite for decades. However, with the rising popularity of video based casino games available on the internet and mobile applications, a slow game like keno is slowly losing its popularity. To get interested people to play keno in a casino, some operators are starting up special keno lounges for their regular players.

To give equal consideration to smokers and non-smokers, these casinos have separate lounges for both groups to play keno in a relaxed manner and enjoy the experience. Keno tickets can be bought anywhere even a gas station though you would need to check the winning numbers either at a local bar or restaurant.

Managing volatility and keeping peace

 Golden Riviera online casino $|€|£1400 free on Tarzan - play nowWhile playing keno in a casino, one has to be seated comfortably with small desk to keep keno pay books, hot or cold beverage and a pen. Sometimes, casinos allow food coupons when one play keno or other slot games, which is a win-win situation for both the casino and players.

To reduce boredom or retain interest of players during the game and keep them in the keno lounge, install large wide screen televisions for players to watch sports with scores moving at the bottom.

Offering instructions and tournaments for keno players

If a casino wants to attract new players into their keno lounge, then a sensible step forward would be to hold keno classes with an instructor who can take these players through simple steps to understand the game. They can even teach newbie players the tips and tricks of the game through online keno videos. Since keno is a game of pure chance and luck attracting multiple players to the game can only be done by arranging tournaments. The game requires low bets of $2 – $3 to play, and players can monitor the game’s progress from anywhere in the casino.

Easy Card Games for the Family

Card Games

Have you decided to stay home from the casino for family night? If so, here are a few simple card games you can play with the kids.

You gather two or four people so that the cards are divided evenly. After the entire deck is dealt, the players take turns putting their top cards on the playing surface. Just before doing so, each player must call out a card, without peeking at what the card is.

Checkout Guts welcome package plus free spins - play nowIf the card the player turns over matches the card he called out, he is out of the game. A player is not allowed to repeat the card that the player before him called out. Nor can a player continue repeating the same card time and again. The player who runs out of cards first wins.

Sloto cash casino $7777 welcome bonus - play nowThis can be played with two players or more. The entire deck is dealt among the players. The players then, at the same time, turn their top cards over in front of them. Any time two or more players turn over cards that match, the first player to holler “snap!” gets to keep all of the cards that have been played. The winning player is the one who has won all of the cards.

Old Maid
This game is also for two or more.

Before dealing, take out all of the queens. After the cards are dealt, each player takes all the pairs from his hand and puts them face down in a pile. Any player who is dealt three of a kind can still only remove two of these, and must keep the third card.

Play moves to the left, with the player to the dealer’s left taking one of the dealer’s cards, but he is not allowed to look at the card before taking it. The player tries to make a pair with his cards and then offers his hand to the player on his left. Play continues in this manner until only one card is left. The player holding that card is the “old maid.”

Are you looking for more family card games? Visit www.52pickup.net/card-games/kids.

Keno Tournaments Fire Up

Keno tournaments

Keno tournaments are becoming increasingly prevalent online and in casino cities throughout the world.


Keno is not a new game. In fact, it has been present in casinos since the video slot machines became common, and there were human-operated games before that that were quite similar. Keno is essentially a lottery game. The player selects a series of numbers and hopes to match numbers selected randomly by the machine. A player needs to match all numbers to hit the jackpot, but smaller series pay out too.

Keno Tournaments

Keno TournamentsKeno is a game of chance and one with a high rate of failure. The allure of a keno tournament is that it often provides various benefits, such as free tickets and a progressive pot, to offset the expected losses. It only makes sense if the player is serious about keno, however, since the financial commitment usually ranges from $100 to $500.

Tournaments used to be a once-in-a-while occurrence, but they have proven quite successful with online casinos and the brick-and-mortar shops have taken notice. In fact, there are at least a dozen high-profile keno tournaments taking place in August in casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, London and Sydney.

Strategy for Coming out Ahead

JackpotCity online casino $500 Free - click hereFor players not familiar with keno tournaments or how to play keno in general, there are some important concepts to keep in mind.

Most keno tournaments do not require the player to pay in advance, but they do require the player to reach certain participation levels in order to be eligible for the various rewards. For instance, the August tournament at the California Hotel in Las Vegas requires participants to wager $500 in order to be part of the leaderboard from which the tournament prize pool is distributed.

Not having to pay $500 up front is a big advantage because the player can actually use any winnings made during the tournament. In theory, a player could purchase just that $5 initial ticket and win enough to cover his or her requirement for the entire tournament. As these tournaments go, players who meet the mark will usually walk away with a 50 percent return of losses at least due to how many participants will cut their losses early.

Fun And Interesting Roulette Trivia

Roulette Wheel

Are you taking a break from the roulette wheel? Why not relax a bit and bone up on your roulette trivia? Read on for some fun tidbits about the game.

• The word roulette comes from a French diminutive which means “small wheel.”

• French inventor Blaise Pascal is credited with inventing roulette while trying to create a perpetual motion machine.

• Roulette is often called “the devil’s game.” This is because all the numbers on the roulette wheel total 666 when added up.

• There are only 2 casino games which are more popular than roulette. These games are slots and craps.

• Roulette is purely a game of chance. There are no systems or strategies which you can use to increase your chances of winning. This makes the game very similar to the slots. Isn’t it interesting how 2 games of pure chance are also 2 of the most popular casino games?

• The ball which is used on the roulette wheel is spun in the clockwise direction.

• It is considered a faux pas to eat or drink at a roulette table. This is in the same league as double dipping in the fondue pot.

• Speaking of manners, roulette players are expected to leave a tip for the croupier. At other casino games a tip is more of a gesture of appreciation.

• Players usually don’t place bets on the fifth row. Many believe that bets placed there have less chances of winning.

• The number 7 won 6 times in a row at Caesars Palace in 2000. The odds of this happening are said to be about 3 billion to one.

• A gambler from London once bet what was supposedly his life savings. The amount of the bet was $135,300. The player won and walked away with $270,600. The player’s name was Ashley Revel.

Well, did you learn anything here? Did you at least have a little fun? Try sharing some of these fun facts, and maybe you can impress your friends and fellow players the next time you step up to a table and play the casino game which has fascinated people for centuries.