Australia Trying To Tackle Slots Addiction

Slot machines

In Australia, slots have become big money, big game and a big problem for the country. The casinos in the island nation are awash with people who playing slots at a rate that has been unseen in the nation’s history. The problem is highly-ingrained in the national psyche, and people have been playing for decades at this point.

However, the country now thinks it is time to do something about the problem before it gets too big to handle. Australian lawmakers fear that they could have a problem on their hands without some kind of legislation. This is the “pokie problem” as they call it. Electronic poker machines and slot machines have an average rate of 600,000 players per week.

The hammer strikes back with two free game mode multiplayers with THORHowever, the government is proposing that gamers commit to a pre-game limit that they will adhere to when they are playing. While this limit is not mandatory, it is a step in the right direction if Australia is to do something about its slots problem. There are also warnings on machines that ask the player how long they have been playing and if they have passed their limit.

Unfortunately for legislators, these warnings do not stop players from continuing to play. They think that the system is useless unless it is enforced on every machine. With people playing the way that they play, slots and poker machine can cost someone up to $1500 an hour. This means that people are losing a month’s worth of wages in just a few short minutes at the slot machine.

As Australia tries to tackle the problem, we should all be reminded to have a wonderful time, gamble with gusto and then stop before we’re ahead.