A History of Craps


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Every game has a beginning. Craps is no different. The game of craps has been around since at least the Roman Empire. It is believed that the soldiers of the Roman army had a creative use for pig bones. They supposedly took the knuckle bones of slaughtered pigs and turned them into dice.

They would then toss the dice onto their shields. They played this game in camp between bouts of conquering and slaughtering. It is believed this practice eventually spread across Europe.

There is another theory about how craps got started. Some people believe the game of craps comes from another game played long ago. A game called hazards was played in the Middle Ages by crusading knights.

The game of craps has been around since at least the Roman Empire

The knights were under the leadership of Sir William of Tyre. The knights were camped around a castle laying siege. Bored, Sir William of Tyre created the popular dice game to pass the time.

Regardless of the the origins of the game, it became extremely popular during the Middle Ages. Eventually, the French discovered the game and adopted it into their social circles. They changed the name of the game to craps. The game spread around the world. In the 20th century, a man named John H. Winn formalized the rules of the game. His rules made the game much more enticing to gamblers.

It also allowed for a standard to be used throughout casinos. Today, the internet has allowed craps to be played anytime of the day. Anyone with a little cash and an internet connection can pass an afternoon playing this historic game.

What will the future bring to the game of craps? You may be the one to find out!